The Yoga Society Reviews

The Yoga Society is not only the most amazing place filled with the most amazing teachers, it is exactly what it says in it’s name. A society of loving people.
— Kelly Wall Rooney
Wonderful and invigorating experience here!
— Gerrylynn Ramos
This is the best studio and instructors in West Palm
— Tiffany Vandemark
Haute Yoga has become my second home. I have practiced yoga in several different cities and Haute Yoga is no doubt the best... Everybody who is a part of the Haute family radiates positivity and love. Haute Yoga is not just a place to sweat, it is a place where people are welcome to join a community based on love, compassion, and integrity.
— Gracie Darula
Not only does every instructor I’ve taken a class with provide a wonderful and powerful session, they also make you feel at home and with family. I without a doubt, recommend Haute Yoga to everyone I know and look forward to signing up for my monthly membership when I return from my trip to D.C. this Sunday.
— Juan Zúñiga
Love this studio! The people are kind and the classes are well lead and always upbeat. Each yoga teacher gets very involved in each students movement. They often come correct form hands on or give little reminders on how to be in the complete posture. They also work with all bodies and ability levels. I have been to many different studios in many different places, and none compare. The heat + the energy + the teachers= the perfect workout and yoga practice! <3
— Alli Raw
So grateful to practice with a community of yogis that show no judgement. It could be a day, week, month or year since the last time you practiced together and you feel equally welcomed by this supportive and loving studio.
— Dawn Fox

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