Our Staff

The Yoga Society Staff

This is our staff, dedicated to making your time at The Yoga Society unforgettable. Our teachers, trained all over the world, have spent time perfecting the art of yoga teaching and want nothing more than to guide you through your next yoga journey. Find your way to our lovely studio in downtown West Palm Beach to meet and enjoy your next class with our team!


Holly Miller Weston

Owner & Founder

Holly Miller Weston - Owner

Hometown: Palm Beach, Florida.
Mantra: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Ghandi
Can Be Seen: At any of the studios, carpooling my three kids, running on Flagler Dr or entertaining fellow Hauties at my house!
Super Power: I can remember the smallest, minute detail about anything, anywhere, and at anytime!
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: The first time I pressed into a handstand!!
Drug Of Choice: Snuggles with my babies.
Trainings/Teachers: 200HR YTT at Bindu, 200HR YTT at Twin Power Yoga, Empowerment Movement at Yoga Joint, multiple workshops with Bryan Kest, and my two favorite yogis Sean Corn and Kathryn Budig.
Come practice with Holly on: Tuesday at 9:30am at Clematis, Wednesday at 9:30am in Jupiter, Thursday at 9:00am on Palm Beach, Friday at 9:30am at Clematis and Saturday at 9:30am at Clematis.

Jamie Tarasuk

Jamie Tarasuk


Hometown: Born in Massachusetts, raised in New Jersey and moved to Florida in high school.
Mantra: Be kind, work hard, show up, fully for yourself, for your family and for your friends.
Can Be Seen: On my yoga mat, running my 3 kids around town, playing with my kids around the neighborhood, at the beach and pool with my family and out to dinner with my hubby.
Super Power: My daughter says, “yoga and being a mom.” I love it!
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: When I feel my breath get longer and deeper and I exhale to feel the release of all that is pent up in my mind and body allowing me to fully fall into a complete state of calm… Ahhhhhhhh.
Drug(s) Of Choice: Coffee, wine, yoga and hugs.
Trainings/Teachers: Miami Yoga Shala 200HR YTT in 2005.
Come practice with Jamie on: Monday at noon in Jupiter, Tuesday at 9:30am in Jupiter and at noon on Clematis, Wednesday at 9:30am and 10:45am (Yin) on Clematis, Thursday at 9:30am in Jupiter and noon on Clematis, and Sunday at 9:30am on Clematis.


Brittany McKay


Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida. 56ace in yo face!
Mantra: “No one can steal my joy.” and “I am worthy.”
Can Be Seen: At Haute Yoga, Starbucks, handstanding, at the beach, or embarrassing my friends and family as I force them to take countless yoga photos of me for Instagram, “Can we just take one more?…”
Super Power: Talking at the speed of light, being able to turn anything you say into a movie reference, energetically connecting to my students and giving the tightest koala bear hugs ever….just try and escape my grip! Loving without hesitation or fear.
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: When a student has a breakthrough of any kind, like getting into a new pose for the first time and seeing them smile; when I see a student allowing the tears to fall without suppressing the catharsis; seeing students smiling at the top of their mat with an open heart and when a yogi dances like no one is watching during Rock N Roll Yoga; these moments all make my heart swell.
Drug(s) Of Choice: COFFEE! Post yoga flow sweaty hugs and way overpriced yoga attire, “This is the last pair of leggings, I swear!” The struggle is real.
Trainings/Teachers: Haute Yoga 200HR YTT. Kripalu. Brian Kest Workshop. Irene Pappas inversion workshop. Women’s Poetry immersion workshop with Jade Alectra LeBlanc and Mandy Burstein. My teachers are any teachers at Haute Yoga and Kripalu. My students are always my greatest teachers!
Come practice with Brittany on: Monday ‘double trouble’ in Jupiter at 5:15pm and 6:30pm,Wednesday at Clematis at 5:15pm, Thursday at Clematis at 6:30pm,Friday in Jupiter at 5:30pm for “Happy Hour Vinyasa, Saturday’s at Clematis at 4:30pmfor “Rock N’ Roll Yoga,” and Sunday at 8:00am at Clematis.

Claudia Llaneza

Claudia Llaneza


Hometown: Wellington, Florida
Mantra: Not only do we come from love, but we travel through love, and eventually we dissolve back into this love.
Can Be Seen: Practicing yoga or designing for my swimwear line FFoxychild.
Super Power: Heart over mind.
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: When I connect fully to the present moment and to that immeasurable and infinite felt sense of being.
Drug(s) Of Choice: Music, sunshine, and laughter.
Trainings/Teachers: 200HR YTT at Yoga South; Karma Kids Yoga certified.
Come practice with Claudia on: Tuesday at 6:30pm on Clematis, Wednesday at 6:30pm in Jupiter, and Sunday at 9:30am in Jupiter

Studio Manager

Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL.
Mantra: I will hold myself to a standard of grace not perfection.
Can Be Seen: Running around the Yoga studio working and/or taking classes, renovating the Albert family’s new fixer upper with my husband, Luke and dog, Dixie!
Super Power: Memorizing everything, working on multiple tasks at once, and keeping a running to do list in my head.
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: I have two! 1. My thoughts being totally consumed by the practice and moving from pose to pose. 2. Finally coming to my mat for savasana after an hour of hard work.
Drug Of Choice: Lavender essential oil
Trainings/Teachers: None, yet! I hope to do my Haute YTT soon 🙂
Come see Hayley at: The front desk of either the Clematis or Jupiter studio, I have filled the shoes of our beloved Bae as Kavi and cannot wait to meet you all!


Kristen DeAndrade

Studio Manager

Hometown: Pembroke, Mssachusetts.
Mantra: Little legs, Big heart: It doesn’t matter how long your legs are, you can only take one step at a time.
Can Be Seen: Tearing up (and possibly glitter-bombing) a dance floor, spending time with the ones I love the most, spreading love at The Quantum House and The Paley Institute, creating (a huge mess) in the kitchen, laughing my ass off and soaking up Vitamin D on the SoFlo shoreline.
Super Power: My Emotions; being able to truly feel what’s in my heart no matter what or where.
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: When something truly lands in my body whether it be a pose, a breath, a transition, etc. It’s magic.
Drug(s) Of Choice: Glitter, LOTS of glitter. Bubbles; in a bath, glass of champagne, or in a can of La Croix, please. Almond Milk Lattes. The Ocean. Did I mention glitter? It’s a problem, really.
Trainings/Teachers: Charleston Power Yoga 200HR YTT; Haute Yoga 200HR YTT; Kids Yogaverse 25HR YTT; Mindful Schools Graduate; Workshops and Immersions with Kathryn Budig, Taylor Harkness, Annie Carpenter, Alexandria Crow, Faith Hunter and Bryan Kest.
Come practice with Kristen on: Right now, you can find me behind the desk at the Jupiter Studio and on my mat. Hoping to be on the teaching schedule once this little soul suit of mine fully heals.

The Yoga Society Teachers

Jan Cook

Jan Cook

Hometown: Catonsville, Maryland but I’ve lived in Palm Beach county since 1984.
Mantra: Live through the eyes of a child.
Can Be Seen: Running around town, both for exercise and trying to catch one of my four kids.
Super Power: Laundry. I can wash, dry, and fold with record speed. I was listening to Trevor Hall’s “The Lime Tree,” and my 8 year old said, “Mom, I know why you love this song. It’s about doing laundry.” Go ahead and listen to it, you’ll never hear ‘Lime Tree’ the same.
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: All of them! But if I had to pick one, it’d be the first warrior two pose. It is so powerful to look around and see an entire class grounded in this amazing pose.
Drug Of Choice: My family.
Trainings/Teachers: Haute 200HR YTT
Come practice with Jan on: Wednesday at 5:30am on Clematis. Come rise, shine and flow!

Alison Berkery | The Yoga Society

Alison Berkery

Kids Yoga

Hometown: Somers, New York.
Mantra: Stay close to people that feel like sunlight.
Can Be Seen: With my boys at all their football and basketball games, hopefully walking a dog all over the neighborhood again real soon or on my mat with a big smile during a class at Haute.
Super Power: Eternal optimist.
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: At the end of class when my heart is wide open, hearing my teacher speak beautiful words that always resonate with me. It’s as if she’s got a secret backdoor into my mind and is speaking directly to me.
Drug(s) Of Choice: Laughing until I’m crying with family and friends, puppies, champagne and yoga; if it’s all at the same time, even better!
Trainings/Teachers: Haute Yoga 200HR YTT, Jaya Ma 85HR Prenatal YTT , Kidding Around Yoga Children’s Yoga Training, Kidding Around Yoga Baby and Toddler Yoga Training.
Come practice with Alison on: Mondays at 3:45pm in Jupiter for Kids Yoga!

Ashley Broniszewski | The Yoga Society

Ashley Broniszewski


Hometown: North Palm Beach, Florida.
Mantra: Every breath is a chance at self discovery.
Can Be Seen: Paddleboarding, designing jewelry and petting all the dogs.
Super Power: Multitasking
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: Flowing through Sun Salutations to a jamming song!
Drug Of Choice: Green smoothies.
Trainings/Teachers: 200 HR YTT at Yoga Palm Beach, also certified in Prenatal Yoga, Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga and Connected Warriors for military veterans; workshops include inversion training, Yoga Nidra and Yin.
Come practice with Ashley on: Mondays 5:15pm Yin and 6:30pm Vinyasa at Clematis, and Wednesday at 5:00pm Yin in Jupiter. You can also find her on Sunday at Twisted Trunk Brewing at 11:00am.

Ashley Herndon

Hometown: Tequesta, Florida.
Mantra: Choose compassion over comparison.
Can Be Seen: Petting any dog nearby, swinging left and right on the dance floor and at any taco or pizza joint. I also love the ocean.
Super Power: I would love to be able to breathe under water but I definitely have grown my own set of wings since I was little.
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: The moment when I dip down into my thoughts without realizing it, the grounding moment when I come back to my mat and back to the present moment with my breath. It’s a mini victory!
Drug(s) Of Choice: Sunshine and Kombucha. I am also 80% of a fruitarian… the remaining 20% is pizza.
Trainings/Teachers: Baptiste 200HR YTT  in 2013.
Come practice with Ashley on: As a new RN at St. Mary’s Medical Center ER, stay tuned for my new teaching schedule.


Carlos deBarros

Hometown: Hollywood, Florida. My family moved to Palm Beach County when I was in elementary school and I’ve lived in Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens, and Jupiter.
Mantra: “Everything happens for a reason.” “Life is a Journey.” “Smile, breathe, and have fun!”
Can Be Seen: Teaching dance and yoga, hanging out, eating, dancing and drinking with family and friends, taking pictures, traveling, taking yoga classes and workshops as often as possible, and playing with my kids from here to Disney.
Super Power: Having endless energy with not much sleep and having lots of fun!
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: It’s a 4-way tie between hearing a good song in class that I want to start dancing to, hitting an inversion for more than a few seconds, assisting someone to melt and settle into a pose easier, and savasana.
Drug(s) Of Choice: Massage, exercise, nature, hugs, fun, and adult beverages.
Trainings/Teachers: Haute Yoga 200HR YTT; Kidding Around Yoga Children’s certification; Workshops during my certification in Anatomy with Katherine Wilder, online Yoganatomy with David Keil, Yin Yoga with Jamie Tarasuk, and assisting with Ashley Herndon and Valerie Vermeulen.
Come practice with Carlos on: Thursday at 5:15pm in Jupiter.

Jen Groden

Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida.
Mantra: “Practice and all is coming” -Sri Pattabhi Jois
Can Be Seen: At Haute, volunteering at my girls’ school, chasing my sassy 5 and 6 year old girls around, and just hanging out with friends and family.
Super Power: Seeing the good in others… well, within reason. Wink, wink.
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: That beautiful space when the breath and movement come together and my incredibly active monkey mind is still, even for a brief moment! Also, that humbling moment when you release your fear and find strength in something you’ve been working on.
Drug(s) Of Choice: Lattes, yoga and vino.
Trainings/Teachers: Haute Yoga 200HR YTT with the dynamic duo: Weston and Wilder and currently working towards an additional 300 hours YTT at Native Yoga.
Come Practice With Jen On: Monday at noon on Clematis, Tuesday at 9:30am in Jupiter, Wednesday at noon on Clematis and Thursday at 5:15pm on Clematis.

Kristen Peterson Miller

Hometown: Boca Raton, Florida.
Mantra: I am a co-creator with the universe.
Can Be Seen: Watching stand-up comedy, trying to remember where I parked my car, inserting movie quotes into everyday conversations.
Super Power: Can recite all the dialogue in Home Alone 1 and 2 from start to finish (will I use this power for good or for evil?)
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: First breath in savasana.
Drug Of Choice: Dark chocolate.
Trainings/Teachers: 200HR YTT at Little Ocean Yoga with Caroline Wybar and Lizzy Moore.
Come practice with Kristen on: Thursday at 6:30pm in Jupiter and Sunday at 5:00pm in Jupiter.


Nikki Rattinger

Hometown: New York City, New York.
Mantra: Live love. Let your freak flag fly. I am all about kindness and authenticity.
Can Be Seen: Everywhere! On my bike, conducting a concert, on a plane, at Haute, at a youth center, cooking, hanging with my girls, laughing, singing, observing everything, playing… but heads up: deep thought apparently brings on an involuntary resting bitch face.
Super Power: Able to be three or more people simultaneously, hence, the teaching/voice lessons/work/meetings/rehearsals/appointments,etc. in yoga clothes and wearing lipstick. But hey, can I please control the bridges and traffic lights around here??
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: When I get to practice next to Brittany 🙂 her sisters, a friend, or any of my fellow Hauties, when someone cracks open for the first time physically and/or emotionally, and oh yeah, when Holly busts some crazy cool surprise asana connection.
Drug(s) Of Choice: Love, laughter, breathing life and nature in, and sugar! When will it finally be declared the new kale?
Trainings/Teachers: Kripalu RYT. Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anusara, and Vinyasa workshops and immersions with many teachers and hours… and so many stories. Ask me about Bikram one day.
Come practice with Nikki on: Monday on Clematis at 10:45am, Tuesday in Jupiter at 5:15pm, and subbing all around. I take many classes, so please, pull up a mat alongside me anytime. I love that most of all. Namaste!


Chelsea Gates

Hometown: I am a Florida girl through and through. Miami Beach, FL born and bred.
Mantra: Let curiosity lead you. Let fear lose you. Let gratitude follow you. Let love find you.
Can Be Seen: Walking my huskies, talking about my huskies, posting Instagram photos of my huskies on their IG page and practicing yoga every chance I get.
Super Power: Probably my ability to do yoga as huskies run between my legs. (See!? I’m talking about my huskies again)
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: Hearing all my yogi’s breathe. It’s the best!
Drug Of Choice: Grande Vanilla Latte extra whip
Trainings/Teachers: 200HR YTT at Haute Yoga.
Come practice with Chelsea on: Tuesday at noon in Jupiter. And when I’m jet setting, go see all the incredible yogi’s that cover for me! Can’t wait to flow with you!

Courtney Fisch

Hometown: Greenwood, Indiana.
Mantra: “Let it GO.”
Can Be Seen: When I am not lunging and crunching I am usually attempting to multitask my work for our real estate development business, managing my own house projects or shuttling my three little girls around town.
Super Power: What I lack in talent I make up for in sheer determination. Where there is a will, there is a way!
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: When my mind checks out and all I hear is my breath. Ahhhhh…
Drug Of Choice: Endorphins. Nothing beats an endorphin high and that is why I am smiling when I sweat. High as a kite!
Trainings/Teachers: Karen Burnett, YPB 200HR YTT, various group fitness certifications over the course of 20 years now (yikes!) I am also a NASM certified personal trainer.
Come practice with Courtney on: Tuesday and Thursday for Haute Boot Camp at 8:15am on Clematis and Friday for Haute Bootcamp at 10:15am on Palm Beach.

Kate Spencer

Hometown: Palm Beach, Florida.
Mantra: Do little things with big love, one day at a time.
Can Be Seen: Spending time with my adorable, crazy little kids, Maggie (5) and Billy (3), taking walks on the beach by myself, sneaking away on adventures with my cute husband, running the PTA at my kids’ school, cooking up a storm, and saying yes to any invite that involves live music.
Super Power: Being a mama. Once you’ve nursed a baby WHILE changing a toddler’s diaper, you can pretty much conquer anything.
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: Savasana. Both as a teacher and a student.
Drug(s) Of Choice: Margaritas (on the rocks with salt, please) and guac. Champagne and caviar. Coffee and croissants. I’m all about the proper pairing!
Training/Teachers: Haute Yoga 200HR YTT with Holly Weston and Audrey Sutton in 2015; various workshops.
Come practice with Kate on: Sunday at 4:30pm on Clematis, Monday 10:00am (Yin) on Palm Beach, Thursday 9:30am on Clematis, and Friday 10:45am (Yin) on Clematis.

Lauren Carey

Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida.
Mantra: Less is More.
Can Be Seen: Dancing at Ballet Florida.
Super Power: Being Female.
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: The space between two breaths.
Drug(s) Of Choice: Tiger Balm and Gin.
Trainings/Teachers: 200 Hour YTT at Haute Yoga with my greatest teachers being my students.
Come practice with Lauren on: Tuesday at 10:00am and Thursday at 11:15am on Palm Beach.


Natalie Segal

Hometown: Born in Alpharetta, Georgia but I claim Daytona Beach, Florida to be my hometown!
Mantra: Grateful to be alive. The moment we are in right now is exactly where we are supposed to be.
Can Be Seen: Flowing next to my dad at Haute Yoga, kickin’ it at the beach with my life partner chihuahua, creating art, or getting down dancing my booty off at a music festival!
Super Power: My photographic memory. I remember exactly where that misc. item was placed from 4 months ago.
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: When my eyes are closed and ujjayi breathing takes over my monkey mind.
Drug(s) Of Choice: Traveling anywhere at anytime, sunshine and the ocean, music, especially strumming chords on my acoustic guitar, and of course my family and friends.
Trainings/Teachers: 200HR YTT at Haute Yoga. Workshop with Bryan Kest. My biggest inspirations are Holly Weston & Katherine Wilder and all of the amazing yoga teachers from Haute that took my hand on this amazing journey.
Come practice with Natalie on: Saturdays at 4:30pm in Jupiter.

Barbi Zambrano

Hometown: Born and raised in Miami and happily settled down in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Mantra: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13
Can Be Seen: Running to see the sunrise at the Worth Avenue clock tower, shopping local in Downtown WPB, and breathing on my mat at Haute.
Super Power: Running 13.1 miles with a smile.
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: When the cells of my entire body feel like they’re vibrating in savasana.
Drug Of Choice: That natural running and yoga HIGH!
Trainings/Teachers: 200HR YTT with Holly Weston and Katherine Wilder at Haute Yoga; Ashley Herndon is my first teacher and breath inspiration.
Come practice with Barbi on: Monday at 5:00pm at the Palm Beach Studio


Cameron Preston

Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina.
Mantra: Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
Can Be Seen: Chasing two toddlers, running on the Lakeside Trail with my large lab, hiking Aspen Mountain, digging my toes in the sand and hanging with my favorite four.
Super Power: Always wearing a smile even when the struggle is real.
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: When the music gets really loud and you feel like you could fly! Also, the moment when love and gratitude rush over you at the end of class.
Drug(s) Of Choice: Exercise and fresh Colorado snow.
Trainings/Teachers: Shiva Rea 200HR TT; Workshops with Yoga South, Dave Oliver, Brock and Krista Cahill, John Salisbury and Bryan Kest.
Come practice with Cameron on: Tuesday at 8:30am on Palm Beach.

Christina Chu

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii.
Mantra: “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”
Can Be Seen: Chasing after my dogs at the beach, making jewelry, and practicing alongside some of my favorite people at Haute Yoga.
Super Power: The ability to turn leftovers into a gourmet meal and finding the best deals when shopping online.
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: Completely letting go of everything in a deep cleansing breath.
Drug(s) Of Choice: sunshine, vitamin sea, dog cuddles, wine, and ice cream.
Trainings/Teachers: 200 hr YTT at Rishikesh Yogdham in Rishikesh, India.
Come practice with Christina on: Monday at noon in Jupiter, and Saturday at 4:30pm in Jupiter.


Emmanuel Alex

Hometown: Orastie, Romania.
Mantra: Hare Krsna Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare.
Can Be Seen: Barefoot with the fruit trees.
Super Power: More yoga than sleep.
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: The stillness between breathes.
Drug Of Choice: Melatonin and Oxytocin. Eyes crossed with my tongue pushing into my palette.
Trainings/Teachers: Astanga in India; Raja and Vinyasa at Anuttara.
Come practice with Emanuel on: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:00am in Jupiter, Tuesday at 10:45am on Clematis, 4:30pm and 5:45pm on Palm Beach Island and Thursday at 5pm on Palm Beach Island


Lauren Llacera

Hometown: Long Island, New York.
Mantra: I choose happiness.
Can Be Seen: In yoga studios, often traveling the globe teaching yoga at surfing retreats, surfing a wave, paddling my kayak, walking the beach, wearing normal clothes working Interior Design, tending my garden, and always smiling.
Super Power: sharing my happiness, it literally pours out of me!
Favorite Moment In A Yoga Class: Absolutely at the end of teaching a class, seeing the transformation of yogis, smiling and lit.
Drug(s) Of Choice: The sun, warm ocean water, succulents (they amaze me) and, oh yes, decorative pillows!
Teachers/Trainings: Twin Power Yoga 200HR YTT, Yoga Journey Yin Yoga, Sagewater Yoga Restorative graduate; Immersions and workshops with Shiva Rae, Seane Corn, Jason Crandell, Rodney Yee, Coleen Saidman, Eric Paskel, Bryan Kest, Meghan Currie, Natasha Rizopoulos, Anodea Judith, Julie Gumestad, Dharma Mittra, and Sadie Nardini,
Come practice with Lauren on: Sunday at 5:00pm (Yin) on Palm Beach.